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Solving Formulation Challenges

Premium Functional Ingredients

Whether your customers are looking for cannabinoid ingredient systems, hemp seed, or botanicals, you’ll have a peace of mind with our fully traceable ingredients. Predictable pricing and product that arrives on-time and in-spec will give you the confidence to expand your product offering and help your brand win.


The world didn’t need another hemp processor. But as the market evolves, the need for predictability and process control is clear. NDS has emerged as a leader in consistency and input control, delivering quality ingredients on-time and in-spec. We rely on advanced operating systems in our food-safe manufacturing site and produce customized ingredient systems in a GMP environment. Contact us to learn more about our processing capabilities and raw ingredients.

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Hemp Seed

The use of hemp seed oil is gaining momentum for all the right reasons.  The popular oil has GRAS status (Generally Regarded as Safe) and is very versatile with applications in food & beverage, supplements, animal nutrition and even industrial lubricants. More recently, hemp seed oil has earned attention for medical applications in the areas of heart health, skin health, blood pressure regulation, and pain relief. Northern Diversified Solutions offers fully traceable hemp seed oil that is cold-pressed & filtered in a way that preserves all the nutritional properties and is 100% chemical free. Standard documentation including PDS (Product Data Sheets), SDS (Safety Data Sheets), as well as product spec sheet and COA (Certificate of Analysis) accompany all orders.



Our expertise goes beyond hemp and CBD extraction. From caffeine to kava, NDS is a comprehensive developer & processor with a mastery of botanicals to support your food & beverage, dietary supplement, or personal care brand.  Botanicals are simply defined as fresh or dried plants, or the isolates of plants extracted in water, ethanol, or other organic solvents, like CO2. Combined with essential oils, oleoresins, and other extractives, botanicals deliver flavor, fragrance, and functional health benefits to everything from candy and dairy products, to canned goods and beverages. Botanicals have a history of success and are certified as GRAS by the FDA.

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CO2 Extraction

CO2 extraction is clean, safe and efficient. For better botanicals, NDS uses a supercritical CO2 extraction method. Because it’s a “tunable solvent,” C02 is uniquely versatile and allows for targeted control of temperature and pressure. Compared to ethanol or other solvent-based extraction methods, CO2 is cleaner and safer—and consistently delivers pure, unaltered, yet flexible product. Toxic solvents lack efficiency, requiring time to purge impurities trapped in oil.  Cleaner CO2 requires little to no post-processing time, safely yielding pristine product targeted to your specifications.

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