How reliable are current suppliers when it comes to CBD and THC levels in their products? 

According to this FDA Study, there are many suppliers that currently have mislabeled products on the market. 



What is the difference between Cannabis and Hemp?

Although both Cannabis and Hemp come from Cannabis of the species Cannabis Sativa, there are many differences.

  • Cannabis is primarily medicinal while Hemp is used for industry.

  • Cannabis is bred for its trichomes, which contain high amounts of THC

  • Cannabis contains > 0.3% THC content while Hemp contains < 0.3% THC content

What is the difference between CBD and THC?

THC binds to CB1 receptors when decarboxylated and CBD does not. CB1 is the receptor in control of the psychoactive effects experienced when THC is activated. CBD binds to CB-2 (receptors in the peripheral nervous system).

How does CBD work?

CBD binds to cannabinoid receptors (CB-2) in the Endocannabinoid System. These receptors are located all throughout your body, because of this CBD has many different uses and benefits. CBD comes from hemp and is completely plant based. CBD can help with pain and has many other additional benefits. 

What is the difference between Hemp Seed Oil and CBD Hemp Oil?

Although the two oils may sound similar and are confused often, they are very different from each other. Hemp seed oil is created when the seeds of a hemp plant are cold pressed, it can be a good nutrient source but there is no cannabinoids or CBD in Hemp seed oil. CBD Hemp oil is made from the flowers of a hemp plant and the oil contains terpenes and cannabinoids. 

What factors should you consider when buying CBD?

You should always pay attention to the potency or the strength of the oil because if you are a person that needs to use high doses of CBD to get the effects it would be smart for you to get oils that are more potent. You should also consider what type of CBD you buy, it comes in many different forms like drinks, lotions, snacks or oils. There are many options so you should take time to learn about how each product works. 

What is the endocannabinoid system? 

Cannabinoid receptors are located all throughout the body and make up the endocannabinoid system, which controls many different physiological processes like appetite, hormone regulation, mood, immune response, and metabolism. These are all processes that can be impacted by CBD. 

Is it okay for pets to consume CBD? 

All animals have endocannabinoid systems and therefore, can experience the benefits of CBD products. CBD oil can help alleviate pain for household pets like cats, dogs, and many others. 

Can you get “high” from using CBD products?

No, THC is the psychoactive component of hemp and CBD oil contains less than 0.3% of TCH. CBD offers many different uses that can benefit your body and will not intoxicate you. 

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